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Buk Club Postings
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Date:2003-10-25 20:08

Book club must be revived!

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Date:2003-05-01 18:54
Subject:Last Minute Reminder

Buk Club meeting tonite @ Beaverton Town Square Starbucks 7:30-8-ish! Hope to see ya'll there.

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Date:2003-04-25 00:36
Subject:One week, well, six days.

Six days until we meet again folks.

Starbucks, Thusday 5/1/03

Sweet, sweet Rent Day.

Happy reading, we'll try and take our minds off the annoying payment that roofs tend to require.


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Date:2003-04-21 02:36
Subject:The Last Unicorn

OK, so I just picked up my ratty old copy of this book and lo and behold, my version is something like 250-odd pages long.

Sorry , for some reason I thought it was a bit longer. But, if we can all buzz through it, by the Thursday after next, which, for most of you won't be hard, I'm sure everything will go swimingly.

I was skimming through and just remembering how many concepts are in the pages, though, hope everybody else is enjoying it.

If I don't see you before then, I'll see you Thurday after next.

Happy Reading,


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Date:2003-04-19 00:12
Subject:Book Worm

I found this web test and found it fitting, the code brings up a cute bookworm chart- enjoy ;)


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Date:2003-04-18 17:32

We got ourselves a web site, folks!

You can find it here: http://home.attbi.com/~mscommunication/index.html

And yeah I meant to give it its own seperate directory but I couldn't get it to work, so this is what we get. :P Enjoy! And lemmie know if anything looks amiss or needs to be changed.

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Date:2003-04-17 22:48
Subject:~1st Meeting~

Today we had our first meeting, and eight whole people showed up, which I think is a pretty decent turn out for the first day. We set up our rules, book chosing structure, etc., just went over a lot of introductory stuff. All of these documents were typed up and I'll be posting them on the Buk Club website when I get that finished (prolly tomorrow - I'll post a link).

I made this community open so anyone who wants to join - feel free to do so. Even if you don't live in Beaverton you can still participate ^_^.

The current book is 'The Last Unicorn' picked by angrymichellegr, to start us off with something light and pretty familiar. Our next meeting is 2 Thursdays from now at the Beaverton Town Square Starbucks.

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